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Apart from being the leading LED and Solar distributor in all of the UAE, we are also inclined to provide the quality-based services to our customers in terms of installation, regulation, and maintenance of both types of systems such as LED as well as other Solar lighting components.


New step has a huge inventory of lighting products from LED to decorative lights to solar lights and much more. The team has integrated their strong research background and vast experience into creating new and innovative lighting products that are capable of illuminating space in a way that they get enhanced and people are able to work properly. New Step supplies these products to various industries, projects and building depending upon their requirement. You can check out our inventory and order away from our lights.


New Step provides system installation support as well besides designing and supplying. Our team of friendly and expert lighting technicians will make it their point to install all your light fixtures safely in a timely manner. Apart from installing lighting systems from scratch, we are also expert in upgrading your lighting systems both indoor and outdoor. Get your systems installed from industry leading expert technicians to make sure everything is done right and professionally!


We also offer our special service “Green Concept” this service includes the lighting energy assessments calculation of ROI while processing the incentives from government. After making all the calculations we offer a turnkey solution with lighting design elements such as LED’s and solar lights which reduce the energy consumption and prove effective for energy saving while being environmental friendly by using natural energy sources.

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